Norway’s highest uphill race – and down again. Two races with different altitudes and distances. A weekend filled with experiences for both big and small, based on everything the village has to offer.

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New record!

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New record!

This year we had a total of 73 participants at 1851OppNed. 23 of these were competing in the Skyrace. The weather in the days prior to the race made the trail slippery and did not make it easy for anyone to break a record. However, there was one lady who did!

Anniken Hjelbakk Hole broke a new record for women and finished the race in 3:36:12. This was almost two hours (!!!) faster than the previous record. With this time, the lady from Hellesylt (who now lives in Valldal) came in fourth place overall. She won 3000, – from Sparebanken Møre for breaking the record. 

There were three men who crossed the finished line before Anniken, the first one was Mattias Dahlberg, winning the race in 3:21:06.

Nobody came close to breaking the record that Lars Åkernes Rimereit set in 2018, finishing the race in 2:44:19. We think this record will be hard to break, the weather is also an element that needs to hold up in order to do it. 

In addition to this, there were 50 participants who chose to hike the distance, and used the opportunity to enjoy themselves surrounded by the beautiful world heritage nature. 

In the village, hikers, racers, and others had the opportunity to enter the “Farmen Challenge”, where they would compete against former participants of the popular show.

Ax throwing, using a sledgehammer were exciting elements in the competition, but the highlight was milking goats. In the end, a local hero, Ola Grønningsæter, emerged victorious from the competition.