Norway’s highest uphill race – and down again. Two races with different altitudes and distances. A weekend filled with experiences for both big and small, based on everything the village has to offer.

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Action-Frank is in. Are you?

  /    /  Action-Frank is in. Are you?

Action-Frank is in. Are you?

Frank Løke, also known as Action Frank, is planning to try and break the record at this year’s 1851OppNed Norddal. – I will make my best effort, but beating 2:44:14 sounds like a challenge. Nobody over 80 kg will beat me - regardless, says Løke.

– I doubt he will be able to make it, and if he breaks the record, I will take it back in 2020, says the current recordholder, Lars Rimereit.

Would you like to challenge Action-Frank? The registration for this year’s 1851OppNed Norddal is now open!

You can read more about the press release in Sunnmørsposten and at Kondis’ website.